PASSION: At USMCR we specialize in PONTIACS and CHEVYS and live to build excitement 3 different ways! 

  • Restoration: Frame off or frame on, no job is too large or small.
  • Resto-mod: Hot rod your current ride, new cam, tubular control arms, fuel injection, overdrive transmission, super tune up?
  • Spec Cars: Pick from our inventory of GTOs or FIrebirds PROJECT cars which are ready to be built and let us restore or clone one into your dream ride. 

 SKILLS and EXPERIENCE: We are a team of seasoned hotrodders with Mechanical and Electrical engineering backgrounds and decades of real world automotive building and fabrication experience. 

We learned our craft on these vehicles when they were nearly new back in the 80's. Two of our team worked with NUNZI back in the day and learned recipes for amazing Pontiac performance and have continuously improved on and evolved those formulas. 

 PROVEN RECIPES: We have the knowledge and experience to make your Pontiac run exactly like it did back then when it rolled of the assembly line or modify to run at a level competitive with today's muscle cars but with 70's style. 

Tuning tri-power carburetors is not a lost art here but rather a daily occurrence. Picking or custom grinding the right cam for your car and combination is a simple task backed by years of experience and experimentation. 

Our everyday drivers run on pump gas and turn 11 second quarter miles, GUARANTEED!!!  


For PONTIACS: Ram Air 3, Ram Air 4, Ram Air 5, Super Duty, HO, tri-power, we have a large inventory of high performance OEM and aftermarket Pontiac parts in stock .

For CHEVYS: LS6 , LT1, 502, 632


RESULTS: When you bring your car to USMCR, we make sure you drive away confident that your car will run flawlessly, comfortably and reliably so you may drive your car anywhere anytime knowing that it will steer, stop and accelerate at a level that will have Hellcat owners sweating!

Come and see for yourself. When you bring your car to us for restoration or repair, we deliver what we promise, on time, on budget and with excellence. 

We’re car people. That means we care about your car as much as you do. Our team of technicians will ensure you receive the best service and utilize best in class practices in the industry.